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A welcome note from founder
Sebastian Lang-Lessing:

“During the Civid-19 pandemic the I’ve reached out to my artist friends all over the world.
What followed were many deeply inspiring conversations.
We all felt the urge to stay connected, while travel is restricted and performances are put on hold.
This is when the idea of VirtuMasterClass was born. We want to make sure the inspirational flow between international performing artists and students around the globe stays alive.
We wanted to build bridges, where boarders are closed and facilitate access to our resources.
The creative process, between the artists, me and our tech team in Bangkok is an ongoing inspiring collective effort.
We know that online teaching will evolve and develop.
We share the same ideals of artistic excellence, commitment and passion for the most beautiful art form humanity ever invented : Music. Sharing our passion and experience with an audience on stage or in the intimate setting of a lesson with a student are two inseparable elements of our vocation.
We welcome you to our site and are here to help you on your own way to the main stage! “
Sebastian Lang-Lessing


What Drives Us

Our Mission

At Virtumasterclass we thrive to connect the world’s most exciting and inspiring soloists with students across the globe. Our mission is to provide access to individual online lessons to the next generation of musicians with artists, who call the world’s famous stages their home. Sharing their experience, artistry and craft will inspire young musicians and be an ideal complement to their studies.

Our Team

Sebastian Lang-Lessing


Joachim Raber

Tech Developer/Support

Frequently Asked Questions

what are the best browsers for online lessons ?
Do Virtumasterclass lessons work on all devices ?

Yes , you can use your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. (Android or Apple)

Can I reschedule lessons ?

Yes simply send us an eMail with your request and we’ll contact your teacher and arrange for a new session. Rescheduling is possible up to 24 hours before the lesson.

Will artists reschedule lessons ?

While that will not be the case very often, there’s always that possibility. You will be contacted in advance and your lesson credit stays active for the next scheduled lesson.

Do bundles expire ?

There’s no expiration date on your purchased bundles. We recommend to use them within 6 months to make sure your teacher is available. The credit for your purchase will stay active.

Can I use my bundle for another teacher ?

No. Since prices vary we don’t offer this feature now.

What if a lesson gets interrupted for technical reasons ?

Your credit for the remaining time of the lesson will be credited accordingly. That’s also true if the lesson get interrupted frequently. Please report any disruptions to us and we will arrange another session for you. Your teacher will do the same. We’ll make sure you always get the full lesson you paid for.
Make sure your internet speed meets the requirements.
(see technical requirements )

How can I upload videos for my teacher to review ?

When you buy a bundle, we will add this feature. You’ll be able to upload a video through our poodle link.
Your teacher receives a note and will review it before your next lesson.

Can I contact my teacher directly ?

While we protect our artists privacy, all eMails sent to us will be directed to the teacher.
When you purchased a bundle, you’ll get access to direct messaging tool with poodle.

Cancellation of a lesson ?

Up to 24h before we will fully refund the purchase of the lesson. After that you’ll be refunded 50%. Since our artists are very busy, we kindly ask everybody to stay committed to scheduled lessons.

Is being on time essential ?

It is very essential to be prepared and ready on time, like in your normal lessons or in rehearsals. Music is the art of timing. Punctuality is a universal requirement for musicians. If you’re late for a lesson you’re loosing lesson time. If a teacher is late for a lesson you won’t loose any lesson time and will always receive your full 60 min. .
Great artists are always on time!