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We’re all artists who came together to keep inspirational teaching alive and connect with the most important part of our audience, the next generation of performers. We all have shared the stage together and are often connected through long musical collaboration and friendship. Sharing the same ideals with all of our artists, I’ve created this outlet to keep the exchange alive and explore the possibilities technology gives us.

Founder: Sebastian Lang-Lessing

Why choose Us

We’re a community of artists from all over the world united in our passion and dedication to inspire the next generation of musicians. We share the believe, that music is the highest and most profound form of communication. Our unique list of soloists and singers, at home at the most prestigious stages in the world, sets us apart from other platforms. Learning from the most successful artists brings you closer to your goals. We give you the access to the most sought after artists. Why settle for less when excellence is right here.

“There is no such thing as perfection, there are only standards. And after you have set a standard you learn that it was not high enough. You want to surpass it.”

Jascha Heifetz


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  3. Find the right time on the calendar for you
  4. Book and pay or purchase a bundle
  5. Receive confirmation and eMail link to the Zoom session /download the zoom app (preferred) or just use your browser
  6. You’ll receive a reminder eMail the day before your lesson
What Drives Us

Our Mission

At Virtumasterclass we thrive to connect the world’s most exciting and inspiring soloists with students across the globe. Our mission is to provide access to individual online lessons to the next generation of musicians with artists, who call the world’s famous stages their home. Sharing their experience, artistry and craft will inspire young musicians and be an ideal complement to their studies.

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Musical e-Learning

Why e-Learning

Online eLearning is a fantastic way to connect with teachers all over the world and stay in touch with the global music scene.Several technical features will allow you to enhance your experience beyond what’s possible in a classroom situtation.Features like recording a video and discuss it with a teacher online, send short questions and video messages for review between lessons (when you buy a bundle), sending and sharing material like scores with fingerings through the platform are helping you benefit from each lesson the most.

How to Find the Perfect Teacher

Our list of artists offers only the most talented musicians and highest qualified teachers in the world.All of them have many years of experience in the performing and teaching field.You can’t go wrong! But you have the chance to try, who fits your needs best, whether you want to focus on concerto repertoire, orchestral excerpts or performance practice and stylistic approaches.Simply browse the profiles.Every single artist has something very special to offer.Don’t hesitate to contact us with specific questions.